Welcome to Xena-Vision!  Right now I'm in the process of updating and adding a new image section for season five.  This is a slow process as I have two small children that take up a lotof my time, so please bear with me.  Please take your time and look around my site. Something's have changed others have not, but there is a something for everyone weather it be images, wallpaper, info, webrings, what ever the Warrior or Bard in you searches for you'll find it here.  This is the main part of Xena-Vision, all roads begin here so feel free to roam at your own pace.  To make it easier to find what your heart desires, I've put everything into groups ( images, info, ect...) also you can use the search engine to find what your looking for.  If you've any questions or comments you can either email me or sign the guest book.  I hope you enjoy your stay here and may Gods and Goddess always smile upon you.

Goddess (Zena) 

* Note *

November 25th, 99 - Okay I'm kinda back and running. The sever is still having trouble as it won't show the index page, so the index page for season five will be hosted from here.

Nov 22, 99 - I'm still having trouble with the new web host. If I can't get the problem solved soon I will have to find a new place.

I was having some sever trouble which is the reason for the lack of updates, this is corrected and I will be updating as fast as I can.

Here is what can be found at Xena-Vision

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  • About Xena - I've taken some time out to tell you a little bit about Xena.
  • Hercules And The Labors That Created The Legend - Learn about the Real labors of Hercules and see what part Iolaus really played it it. 
  • Callisto In Greek Mythology - Did you know Callisto really existed?  Read about Callisto from greek myths.

  • Season Five Pics - * New * Season five images of Xena. * This section is updated often *
  • Xena-Vision Museum - This is the OLD museum it's not big but it does have pictures of Xena, Gabrielle, Callisto, and from the animated movie "Hercules and Xena The Battle For Mount Olympus".
  • Museum North Wing After a long untouched run, I've finally redone this section.  It now 3 parts to it with 135 images of Xena, Gabrielle, and of Kevin Sorrbo as Kull The Conqueror.
  • Season Four Pics -  Images from every episode of Xena from season four.* Still more to post*
  • Xena-Vision Desktop - Here you will find wallpapers from both Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules the Legendary Journeys.  Also wallpapers ( screen captures ) of the amazing scenery that both shows are taped on.
  • The Sound Emporium - Sounds sounds and more sounds.  you'll find tons of wav files and for all the Mac user's like myself, you'll find System 7 Sounds and Start Up Extensions.

  • Rings'n'Things Various web rings and associations I'm a part of.
  • Xena Links - links to other Xena Sites
  • Non Xena links - Some links to non Xena sites
  • What's new - Just a way for all to see all the change's that take place here.
  • Link To Me -  It speaks for it's self. 

  • Xena-Vision Web Ring* Updated* A web ring I started for ALL Xena and Xena related sites like Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor ect.....
  •  Hermes Mail Bag - Send Xena and Gabrielle E Scrolls ( E Cards )
  • Swords & Chakrams -  A Tic Tac Toe game done in DHTML
  • Ask The Fates -   Ever wonder what the future holds?  Ask the fates!
  • Message Board and Chat - A message board for Xena and Herc also a chat room.
  • Xena and Hercules Posters  Buy Xena and Herc posters here. 
  • Xena Warrior Princess Animation Cels and Drawings  A Universal authorized Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules dealer.  With over 500 piece of animation art for you to buy. 
  • Back To Front Door - If for some reason you wish to return to the front door or if you haven't been and what to go.

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    Protest Censorship

    Several American Hindu groups have protested the Xena episode, The Way, because they allege that it is disrespectful of the Hindu deities. As a result, Studios USA has withdrawn The Way from syndication.  If this can happen to Xena, it can happen to any other television show that dares to present controversial material that some people may find offensive. By joining the protest against this kind of censorship, you can help to protect your right to determine for yourself what is appropriate for you and your children to watch on television. 

    Learn more about the protest and about what you can do to help HERE

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