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What's New At X-V?

At first I didn't see a need for this page, but then I realized how is everyone (including myself) suppose to remember  what's been changed here at Xena-Vision? So here it is! I hope you'll all see how hard I work on this my page and want to come back just to see what's new.

* Note this list goes from oldest to newest, please scroll draw to see latest update*

  • August 28th, 1998 -- Well for starter's, this page is new.  Since I started this page on February 19th, 1998 I've changed it's look 3 time's.  The last major remodeling I did was on August 11,1998.  This included a total face lift for Xena-Vision.  I've also included the Xena-Vision Web Ring and a new wing to my museum (Xena-Vision Museum North Wing). As well as changing the look of the old museum it's self.  As of yesterday the About Xena section is back on line and is more detailed in Xena's history.

  • September 19th, 1998-- Okay what's new for today? Well two things are.  First is the The Scroll's of Xena Message Board and Chat. This was started a little while ago, but, I forgot to add the link! (opps!).  But it's there now so if you have any questions or anything related to Xena, leave a message and have it answered by other Xenities!.  Next new thing is The Sound Emporium.  By it's name you can guess it's full of a lot of noise *l* There are lots of  .WAV files as well as System 7 Sounds and Start Up Extensions for MAC.  Sorry Windows, just .WAV files for you until I find something for you guys, any suggestions? :03

  • November 11th, 1998 -- Well everyone by now knows that we are into fourth season of Xena, so no need to get into that.  I realize I probably lost a lot of you due to the fact that it took me so long to update when fourth season started.  Reason being is because I've been extremely busy and just haven't found the time to update        (and once again my mouse broke *pout*).  However all that's been handled and I'm back on top of things, and to prove it I not only changed the appearance of Xena-Vision I also added a whole NEW section called Season Four Pics.  This part is solely for images of fourth season.  What's even better is that I now have unlimited web space so you can expect great and wonderful things from Xena-Vision in the future!.

  •  November 28th, 1998 -- Okay I'm still running a little behind but I am trying not to fall so far back.  So in this update I added well over 200 pictures to the Season Four Pics section of Xena-Vision.  I hope you all enjoy them *S*.

  •  January 21,1999 -- Yes I know it's been almost two months since I last updated, but hey I can do much with repeats.  Any ways in this updated I added 107 new pictures in the Season Four Pics section.  They're from the episode "The Key To The Kingdom" which aired last weeks or week-end depending on the time and channel you watch Xena.   I also fixed a few bugs which I found lying about the place.

  • January 24th, 1999 -- I've been asked a lot about wallpapers of Xena so I thought I'd share the ones I've made.  So in this update I've added my wallpapers section called Xena-Vision Desktop.  There's lots to choose from. Enjoy and if you have any you'd like to summit email me the wallpaper and proper credits to the author.

  • January 30th, 1999 -- I updated the Season Four Pics by adding images from this weeks episode "Daughter Of Pomira".

  • February 5th, 1999 --I've done my weekly update to the Season Four Pics section.  I added 199 images from "If The Shoe Fits"

  • February 11th, 1999 -- I've added some goodies So to speak on the Main Page of Xena-Vision, such as a site search engine and some internet search engines.  Also for all you web page owners I've put up a "Add Me" form where you can add your site to 35 Search Engines for FREE!

  • February 15th, 1999 -- For the longest time I was promising a section on the "real" labors of Hercules.  Well after all that talk I finally did it.  Hercules And The Labors That Created The Legend is where you'll find out all about the Greek hero, and you can also find out what part Iolaus really played in history.

  • March 7th, 1999 -- Although it seems like I haven't updated in a while but I have, I just neglected to updated this section (opps).  As always I've recently updated the Season Four Pics section.  Also I added some more Greek history with the myth of Callisto.  As well as adding some games, Swords & Chakrams Tic Tac Toe in DHTML and Ask the Fates, a fortune telling game.  Last as you can see I've done some remodeling to Xena-Vision, let me know what you think.

  • March 12th, 1999 -- I've added a new section called Hermes Mail Bag.  Here you can send Xena E Scrolls ( E Cards ) to all your friends and family.  It's free to send and receive E Scrolls so please send as many as you like *s* I also fixed the link to The Scrolls Of Xena Message Borad and Chat so you should have no trouble with it.  Last I added a new image to the Linking To Me page.

  • April 27th, 1999 -- I updated  the North Wing of the Xena-Vision Museum.  Threre are now three parts to it with 135 pics of Xena, Gabrielle, and of Kevin Sorbro from Kull The Conqueror.  Again I am sorry for the delay in updating but I've been ill.

  • May 14th, 1999 -- Added images from "The Play's The Thing" also added a section where you can but Xena and Herc posters oline.

  • July 7th, 1999 -- I've recently updated the Season Four Pics section.  Also Xena-Vision was given it's first award! Thanx to Crazydragon for this honor.

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