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The History Of Xena!

In Xena's earlier years. She and her family (her mother Cyrene, 
her father Atrius, her older brother Toris, and her younger brother 
Lyceus) lived in a village called  Amphipolis, which bordered 
Macedonia and Thrace.  Xena's father was a devoted follower of 
Ares, the God of War, which in turn lead to his death, because one 
night he came back from Ares's temple drunk and angry and said that Xena had to die. Cyrene's motherly instances kicked in and refused to let Atrius to kill Xena.  So he said they both will die then, and off 
he went to the barn to sharpen a knife.  This lead Cyrene to the 
only  thing she could do to save her child..... she picked up an ax and 
killed Xena's father.  Xena however, doesn't learn of this till much 
 later in her life when the furies make her insane for not avenging
 her father's death.
Years later, when Xena was a teenager, an army raided her village
under the order's of a warlord named Cortese. Xena's oldest brother Toris, tried to persuaded the villagers to take to the hills and hide,
but, Xena and Lyceus got some of them to stay and fight.   They won the fight, but the cost for Xena to win the battle was the death of Lyceus. After the battle was over, Xena vowed that this would never happen again, so she formed her own army and started to raid the neighboring villages to insure that history could never repeat itself.
It was during this time that Xena fell in love with a warlord named
Petracles, who asked Xena to marry him.  Xena said yes and then
found out that he only wanted to conquer her, so when she said yes, he lost interest. It was also during this period in her life that she
captured a Roman noblemen by the name of Julius Caesar. As well
 as a  Gaelic slave named M'Lia.  It was M'Lia who taught Xena
the use of pressure points. When making
friends with M'Lia, Xena started (or so she thought) a relationship with Caesar, who later betrayed her. Caesar captured Xena and her men to  use as examples to show what would happen to anyone who would dare pray on Rome.  They were all hung on crosses along a beach. Caesar also had Xena's legs smashed with a sledge hammer to make the torture worse for Xena. M'Lia was fortunate enough to escape Caesar's attack and rescued Xena from being killed. M'Lia took Xena to a healer who reset her bones for her.  As this was going on, Caesar's men burst in and tried to kill Xena.  M'Lia felt that it was not Xena's time to die so she took an arrow for her, to once again save her life.  After watching M'Lia die in her arms Xena became in raged, and I believe that M'Lia's ability to fight was passed on to Xena when she died.  After that point a new Xena was born. One that was dedicated to one purpose only, death!.
After this Xena went east and found herself caught up with a warlord named Borias.  Xena became close to him as well.  They were known as being ruthless butcher's. When Borias then tried to start some political maneuverings with Ming Tzu,  (who was the Emperor of Chin at the time) and Lao Ma (who was ruler of the Kingdom of Lao and the wife of Lao-Tzu).  However Xena didn't agree with Borias decision and interfered by kidnapping Ming Tzu son, Ming Tien.  Borias then became enraged with Xena's behavior and helped Ming Tzu catch her when she was returning Ming Tien after the ransom was paid.  Ming Tzu then let his men hunt Xena like she was a animal.  Fortunately for Xena, Lao Ma found  her and saved her by hiding her in her home.  Once there, Lao Ma healed Xena's legs (from when Caesar broke them) and tried to convince Xena to help her make an alliance with Ming Tzu where Xena and Broias would be the peace keepers. Xena still full of angry turned on Lao Ma and killed Ming Tzu, and tried to kill Ming Tien as well but Lao Ma fought them both (with some mystical power she posed) to protect Ming Tien who turned out to be her son.  Both Xena and Broias were banished from the Kingdom.
After that, Xena formed a new army (with Broias as her chief
 lieutenant) and went on a bloody rampage of destruction.  Xena was
now known as "The Destroy of Nations".  I'm not sure as to why she went on this rampage, maybe to try to ease her own pain?, but in any
case she did and during it she came across the Ixion Stone.  Ixion was
 the father of all centaurs, and the stone was said to carry all the essence of Ixion's evil centaur.  Also it was said that the stone would bestow great power to who ever use the stone to change himself into that wicked centaur.  Xena wanted this power and she and her army fought the group of centaurs (lead by Kaleipus) who was guarding the stone.  It seemed that Xena would bet the centaurs and gained the stone, if it wasn't for the fact the Borias once again betrayed her and helped to keep the stone from her.  Xena ordered for the capture of Boris (alive) but Dagnine (another of her lieutenant's) killed him, which Xena didn't find out till years later.  Xena distort at the loss of Borias, made a deal with Kaleipus.  She promised to withdraw  her army never to return if, he raised her son Solan that she and Broias had some time earlier. Xena had many other great battles, some of which she made friends. As is the case with the giant Goliath who saved her life when they were fighting Garth, (the biggest giant who lived) while his family was murdered by Garth himself.  Another one of her battles happened in Gaul where Xena befriended a woman named Bodicea. It seemed that Xena only used Bodicea to steel her army from her and kick her out. Bodicea then married a British King named Prasutagas who got his army to fight Xena, but this was a loss cause for Xena defeated them.
After this it is assumed the Xena made her returned to Greece and went the bloodiest rampage you could image.  Raiding village's left, right, and center.  This is where Callisto comes into play.  For this is the time where Callisto's home town Cirrah was raided by Xena's army and the town was burned and women and children were killed. Callisto's parent's were both killed in the attack, and although it was not Xena's fault that the village burned since it was Xena's  lieutenant Darphus who gave the command to burn it.  However Callisto blames Xena since it's her army, and so from that point on Callisto vowed revenge on Xena which brings us to the Callisto we all love o hate.
Now to what I believe was Xena's greatest task.... Hercules!.  Xena by this time really wanted to make a name for herself, and hey, what better way to do that then to kill the son of Zeus!
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